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I think this might be the question that I am asked most…Why did I start Jane Darcy?

Well, for me it was quite simple. I was thinking about it for a very long time but never quite got around to it. I am a working mum of two young girls, which makes for a pretty hectic lifestyle! All you mums (and dads) out there know what I’m talking about! At the time my work schedule was pretty full on and involved a lot of long distance travel which meant that I was missing out on precious time with my two girls. I started to realise that even when I was home I wasn’t giving my family the time they deserve. I have been known to be cooking dinner, sending an email and playing with my girls all at the same time. Truth be told I was doing none of those three things! I came to the realisation that I really needed to make a change in my life. I needed to live in the moment more…to treasure the simple moments in my life.

I started with 5 minutes every evening. It was a small commitment but made a big difference. Each evening I would choose something to do for myself or the people around me. Whether it was reading a few pages of my book, putting on a face mask, having tea and chats with my mum, or playing doctors with my girls…every evening it got easier to commit to this time for myself. My family was thrilled and so was I!

As they say ‘It’s not about having the time, its about making the time’.

After speaking with my friends and family about what I was doing, I realised that they felt the exact same way. We are all so busy rushing around that we forget to take time for ourselves. Its so important that we learn to love ourselves. To give ourselves and the people around us the time to live in the now.

It’s not about celebrating the big moments. It’s about treasuring the simple moments in life…the moments that often matter the most.

I wanted to create something beautiful that would encourage not just me, but the people around me to treasure the simple moments in life. After a lot of thinking, and talking…I decided that candles and diffusers would be a perfect fit. For me lighting a candle or turning the reeds of a diffuser signifies my commitment to living in the moment. Each night I light a candle and enjoy my ‘just me’ moment. It has become a ritual that I couldn’t live without now!

There is something so interesting about the power of scents. Smell is one of the most sensitive of all our senses. Whether your aware of it or not, scents are affecting your mood and the decisions you make. This is super important to me as someone who suffers from anxiety. Stress is something that affects us all. It’s how we deal with the stress that counts. Using scents such as lavender can reduce your stress and anxiety levels. This is why fragrance is one of the most important elements in creating the perfect candle or diffuser. Each collection is based on a moment, and each moment is characterised by a carefully curated selection of fragrances to accompany each moment. I can’t wait for you to try them!

Can I give you a little challenge? Start by taking 5 minutes for yourself every evening for the next 10 days. Do let me know how you get on. I’d love to hear your feedback. If you use the #treasurethemoment and #janedarcy I’ll be able to follow all your posts.

A little interesting fact for you before I sign off…Jane Darcy is a combination of my daughters middle names, Jane & Darcy.

I really hope you enjoy our products as much as we do…and most importantly treasure the moment.