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We are all so busy rushing around these days that a good nights sleep is essential to tackling those crazy days, & striking some semblance of a work-life balance. Now that the kids are back to school & the dark evenings are fast approaching we wanted to put together the Top 5 Tip’s for a good night’s sleep.

Now this list took us a long time to compile & agree on, so do pop your comments below if you think we have missed any essential sleep tips.

1. Create a Tranquil Atmosphere

Creating a haven of tranquility is key to settling down at night. Keep your room cool, dark & quiet. Use candle light or a lamp rather than direct bright overhead lights. Switch off any loud music and opt for a restful playlist or bedtime stories podcast. Hey, even opt for some sleep sounds, like sounds of waves lapping on the shore. Switch from a cotton pillow case to a silk one to keep you nice & cool, & put on those cosy pj’s.

2. Stick to a bedtime routine

Having a bedtime ritual can help get you off to sleep & ensure you get those essential zzz’s. Heading to bed at the same time each night & waking at the same time each morning will regulate your sleep-wake cycle & ensure a better night’s sleep. Set aside 8 hours of sleep a night as an adult to feel well rested when you wake in the morning.

3. Calming activities before bed

Engaging in calming activities before bed time can help you relax and unwind after a hectic day and settle down before a good nights sleep. Things like having a nice hot bath, lighting a candle & reading a few pages of your book, or meditating for a few minutes are some of the great ways you can create a restful ritual ahead of bedtime. Oh & of course the biggie…avoid screen time before bed. I know I’m guilty of this!

4. Get up, out & exercise

Including physical activity & fresh air in your day can help you sleep better at night. There is nothing like the physical exhaustion you feel after a walk on the beach, a run in the park or a gym class, is there? However, do remember not to exercise too close to bedtime.

5. Keep the worries at bay

Easier said than done, we know! What we find useful to keep the mind from wandering at night is leaving a journal and pen beside the bed at night. When a worry pop’s into your head, jot it down & it can be addressed with in the morning. Sometimes getting things out of your head & onto paper can help with stress management. If that doesn’t work a friend of mine thought me a great trick- in your head, name 5 things you can see, 5 things you can touch, 5 things you can smell & 5 things you can hear. It helps you focus on the present. The mind can’t seem to focus on 2 things at the one time & so it brings us back to the present moment. It always does the trick for me. Do let me know if you try it and how you got on.


Hope these top 5 tip’s for a good night’s sleep were helpful. Do let me know we have missed anything and we will definitely add them in.

Gill xxx