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Blue Monday is just around the corner and we wanted to give you some top tips to help you mind your mind.

This year Blue Monday falls on the 16th of January. It is believed that Blue Monday is ‘the most depressing day of the year’ based on a series of factors including average temperature, days until the next holidays, last pay day, number of nights in, days since last pay day and hours of daylight.

Whether you believe in the concept, or simply jot it down to a myth, we have all suffered from down days, and I for one have had my fair share of unmotivated moments.

Here’s some top tips to beat those January Blues:

Exercise-induced euphoria

Release some of those good endorphins with exercise. These feel-good chemicals can make you feel great & boost your mood. What’s not to love folks! Whether you fancy a quick run through the park, a competitive game of tennis, a spinning class or a swim, make time for exercise to boost your mood.

Motivational & Insightful Podcasts

Sink your teeth into a really good podcast. There are so many amazing podcasts to choose from these days. Podcasts are great for the mind as you focus on your listening and expanding your knowledge. Podcasts are great for a number of reasons; self improvement, motivation, empowerment, creating a sense of community, personal development, inspirational, escapism.

Here are some podcast suggestions I find great for the mind; The Good Glow Podcast by Georgie Crawford, Owning It The Anxiety Podcast by Caroline Foran, My therapist ghosted me, Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris, The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett, and the list goes on.

Why not add your favourites in the comments below?


Journaling your thoughts, emotions and challenges has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Why not give it a go? We all know someone who had a journal growing up (I was that someone!- and I continue to journal now into adulthood). Well these kids were onto something. Journaling helps keep your brain in top shape. Here’s a few benefits; booting memory and comprehension, reduction of stress, anxiety & depression, improves emotional intelligence, motivational, mindfulness, supports the development of coping skills, organisation, focusing the mind.

You can use any journal or even a piece of blank paper. The journal I use is called the Head Plan. You can check it our here.

Treat Yourself

Never underestimate the power of treating yourself to bring a smile to your face. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just something that makes you happy and possibly something that encourages you to take some time for just you. Maybe it could be a book you have been wanting to read, or a lipstick shade you want to try, an ice cream as you take a walk, or a candle to light in the evening.

Treating ourselves is scientifically proven to boost health, happiness and wellbeing, so you don’t have to tell me twice!

Fresh Air

I don’t know about you, but this is a biggie for me. Fresh air is my cure for an anxious mind. There is nothing like getting out on a walk on the beach with the wind blowing in my face to relieve stress and boost my mood. We all know fresh air is amazing for our bodies. It’s good for our lungs, our digestive system, improves blood pressure and heart rate, but it’s also like magic for our minds.

Getting fresh air daily will help you to mind your mind. The increase of 02 levels in the brain increases serotonin and helps boost brain function which in turn helps with clarity of mind, focus and concentration, and boosts happiness and energy levels.

Minding our mind’s has never been more important now we are all so busy. Why not set yourself a wellness goal and focus on creating some good mindfulness habits starting on Blue Monday.

There are so many more ways to mind your mind, including, but not exclusive to; baking, cooking, enjoying great healthy foods, practicing positive affirmations, music, dancing like no one is watching…and the list goes on.

You don’t have to choose from our suggestions above either. Why not come up with some yourself. Focus on incorporating some wellness activities you love in an effort to mind your mind this Blue Monday.

Gill xxx