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Wow! What a year and a half it’s been! Am I right or am I right? The world has been turned on it’s head with the emergence of Coronavirus/Covid_19. It’s been a really difficult time for everyone for many reasons. I think everyone has struggled during the constant lockdowns, and that’s normal, but you know what, I think there are a few positives we can take out of lockdown.

When life as we know it is pulled from under us, and we have no choice but to get used to the ‘new normals’ of lockdowns, working from home, businesses closing, home schooling (to name but a few), it can be difficult.

All that being said, I feel I have learnt a lot over the last year and a half. I have learnt to sit with myself, to slow down, to really treasure the simple moments in life (rather than just thinking I am ;-)).


I have been thinking a lot lately, as I am sure you have to, about what I want to take with me out of lockdown (& what I plan on leaving behind me…) So here goes…I have put a list together of some of the positives I am taking with me & a list of the things I am waving goodbye to..


Feel free to add your own suggestions below. I think we could all benefit from each others ideas of how to move forward together and how to really take stock of the positives in our lives.

Positives I’m taking with me

  • Slowing Down: if lockdown has thought me anything, it’s showed me just how important it is to slow down. To make time for yourself & the ones you love. To really be present.
  • Family Time: spending time with my family, my two beautiful daughters & my fiancee has been one of the greatest gifts of lockdown. I feel so blessed to be given this time to see what is really important in life.
  • There is more to life: I love my job, so don’t get me wrong now when I say this…but lockdown has made me realise there is more to life than work. Yes I am a workaholic, and I love what I do and I always will but it has forced me to make time for the other things in my life…my family, my friends, and myself.
  • Pick up the phone: I am so lucky to have some of the most supportive friends. I know everyone says ‘a problem shared is Sunrise walksa problem halved’ and I always felt I knew what that meant but it’s only now I truly know the meaning of this saying. Your support network is just a phone call away. Never forget that.
  • My 5k is awesome: I spend my life creating and chasing ‘activities’ for my girls, when most of what we were looking for was right on our door step. It’s not where you are, it’s who you are with.
  • Exercise & fresh air are my go to’s: exercise for me is like therapy. It’s my way of processing. It’s my saviour. I always knew this but it’s never been more evident.
  • Finding fun in the mundane: lockdown has showed me you don’t need much to make an event out of something! We baked (as I’m sure you all did- as we couldn’t find flour at one stage in any shop!), we painted, we made candles (of course), we packed orders, we had birthday party’s for dolls, we had movie nights, we did it all!
  • The beach is our happy place: sunrise walks before we begin our week are here to stay for sure!

Thing’s i’m waving goodbye to:

  • Overscheduling activities: instead of booking activities at the weekend we are going to simply enjoy our time with each lockdown funother. There is so much to be explored right on our doorstep.
  • Forgetting about me: i’m leaving this one in the past for sure. No more rushing to please everyone else & leaving myself to last. I’m going to look after myself & schedule in me time. It’s never been more important to look after ourselves.
  • Exercise at home: i’m going to leave the long hours spent in traffic behind, trying to get to the gym, and maybe switch out every second day with a home workout. Maeve Madden, the queen, is a must ladies & gents, if you are looking for a fun and enjoyable workout 😉
  • Home time is home time: i’m leaving the crazy workaholic behind and switching her for a mild workaholic 😉 I’m going to go home in the evenings and spend time with my family. Sure what could be more important?! Am I right?

walksSo there you have it! Feel free to pull me up on any of this if I somehow forget this crazy year and a half…I don’t imagine I will though…I don’t think any of us will.

Let’s go forward together and take these positives and move forward. Move forward together, and leave behind what doesn’t serve us any more.

Here’s to moving forward.


Gill xxx