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Hey everyone, I hope you are all keeping well & staying safe in these difficult times.

I thought it might be useful to put together a Covid Diary every couple of days to let you know how we are getting on & a few tips & tricks.

I’m no expert but I will walk you through a few fun things we have been doing to keep active & have fun.

Like everyone, I have my up days and down days. That’s important to remember too. Although I try to look to the positives every day and try to create fun and engaging activities for the girls, I have those down days too. The days when making lunch is an achievement in itself! And thats ok.

So for my first ever Covid Diary entry I thought I would put together a little plan for you to follow over the Easter Weekend. Maybe you can add some fun activities of your own too?

So here goes…


Breakfast time: why not make some pancakes & put out all the different toppings for the kids to decorate their own pancakes. Try- sliced strawberries, nutella, maple syrup, lemons, sugar, sliced banana, nut butter, blueberries- go wild here!

Or if that’s too much today…go for a cup of tea in bed & a great book 😉

Out & About: after lunch why not get out & about & explore your 2k. There is beauty to be found everywhere, you just have to look for it. If you have children coming along why not give them a list of things they can find in nature?

Here’s some ideas for your Nature Scavenger Hunt:

-Find 4 pine cones

-Find something that is yellow

-Find 2 tree stumps

-Find a daisy or two. Why not make a daisy chain…

-Find a feather

-Find 4 rocks

-Find a long stick

-Find 4 different sized leaves

-Find a dandelion. Blow & make a wish.

Me time: always make time for you. It’s the weekend so this ones up to you- whether its off out for a stroll, listening to music, lighting your candle, popping on those cosy pjs, & a nice cup of tea (& chocolate of course), or a cheeky glass of wine in the bath…I’ll leave this one up to you 😉

Easter Sunday

Out & About: it’s set to be a beautiful day so why not take a stroll in your local park or head to a field nearby to kick around a ball for a bit. We are super lucky to live beside lots of pitches. We love heading over with all our accessories for a play: football, tennis ball, tennis rackets, cones (or anything you can use as markers), bubbles…Willow usually sets us tasks/drills and we end up running and jumping up and down some course..I always win but Stephen would beg to differ on that one 😉 We usually bring over a little picnic for the girls and some blankets to sit on…this is Rose’s favourite thing to do! Why not give it a try?

Arts & Crafts: for the kids we are going to make some binoculars, and for the adults this could be a DIY task. What has been on that list forever? Hanging those pictures? What about the garden? Or clearing out that wardrobe?

Making Binoculars

You will need:

-x2 empty toilet roll holders

-Ribbon or twine

-Stapler & sellotape

-Some Paint (& some stickers if you have any)

  1. Paint your toilet roll holders & leave to dry
  2. Staple the toilet roll holders together so that they are side by side
  3. Now sellotape each end of the ribbon to the inside of the binoculars so that it will act as a neck strap
  4. Decorate more- add any stickers, glitter, designs you like
  5. Now its time for some birdwatching (see how many different kinds of birds you can spot)

Me Time: once again, i’m leaving this one up to you. Do something that will make your soul happy.


Family Breakfast & chill: stay in those pj’s and prepare your favourite breakfast. Play some upbeat morning music (a favourite of mine is ‘Banana Pancakes’) and sit & chat with your family. Give them your full attention & enjoy. Welcome to our every Sat & Sunday morning!

Ready, Steady, Bake…: who isn’t giving Mary Berry a run for her money these days? Super easy banana muffins (the kids will love them & adults too! Win-Win!) Here’s the recipe below:

Gwen’s Banana Bun’s

-3 ripe bananas
-1 1/2 (225gr) pl flour
-175 gm light brown sugar
-1 tsp bread soda
-1/2 tsp baking powder 
-Pinch salt
-3/4 (110gm) melted cooled unsalted butter
-2 lightly beaten eggs
-1 tsp vanilla essence 
-100gm chopped walnuts or pecan (optional)


  1. Mash up your bananas with a fork
  2. Add in your sugar & mix with a fork
  3. Add in your melted unsalted butter & mix
  4. In goes the eggs & mix
  5. Add a drop of vanilla essence
  6. Add the flour, baking powder & salt- mix with your fork
  7. Throw in the walnuts (optional)
  8. Spoon into your muffin tray
  9. Into the oven for 20mins at 180 degrees & voila!


Chillin’ like a villian: light that candle, boil the kettle, get out the chocolate & jump into your cosiest pj’s. It’s time to flake out completely. I love putting on a ‘Spa playlist’ on Spotify and reading my book. It’s absolute heaven! Who’s with me?