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How are we all this week ladies & gents? It’s up’s and down’s isn’t it? I mean you have some days when you can take over the world and the others where getting dressed is a massive achievement. And thats ok.

It’s ok to have down days too.

These are the days to recharge our batteries, chill out, relax, unwind and become more centred and more in tune with what our mind and body needs.

Today has been a great day, thank god! One of those home zoom workouts, baking with the kids, answering emails, firing in all cylinders kind of days. Although I find myself quite tired this evening and ever so slightly down.

But why? Why when I have been so great all day can I feel down now?

My theory is my body and mind is shouting at me to take some time to chill out. To light my candle, put on my cosy pj’s, turn on a great movie & cuddle on the couch.

So that’s exactly what i’m going to do…

Right. Now.

Are you with me?

Gill xxx